Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Christmas Preparations

Hello! Christmas is a big deal at our house (well, so says the self proclaimed "Elf" of the family). We drew names back in July and there have already been hushed conversations, scurrying hither and thither for supplies and plans brewing for the Lancaster Christmas 2011. For those of you not in the loop- we draw names so (darn) early because we all make (at least) one gift for that person who's name you drew. We can purchase other gifts for each-other (though we like to keep it small), but that one gift must be handmade. I think every year we draw earlier and earlier due to the handmade gifts needing a bit more time to think through, construct and wrap. (I LOVE warping gifts...) Here's the who-has-who for this year:

Emma has Arielle's name
Arielle has Mom's name
Mom has Emma's name
Dad has Liam's name
Liam has Flynn's name
Flynn has Dad's name

We used to not know the who-as-who until the unveiling Christmas morning... but someone was way too too curious to not just leave well enough alone and would lay in bed at night thinking through... "Okay... so if I have _____ then Dad can't have ____ ...." and by Christmas would have that part figured out. I'll extend a little grace and say that that person was young and curious .... We just don't do it that way anymore- so that person can lay in bed at night and think of other things. :)

Arielle (on behalf of the Lancaster Clan) 

P.S. 73 days, 12 hours, and 5 minutes until Christmas